Establishment of ELPS COMPONY as one of the factories of the ETTEHAD INDUSTRIAL GROUP with the goals of self-sufficiency and to prevent the withdrawal of foreign exchange, entrepreneurship, job creation and to meet the needs of the automobile industry of the country in the field of supplying all kinds of non-hazardous brake pads. The result of our efforts and the serious determination of a group of domestic specialists With the cooperation of foreign  companies that became operational in the year of national production and support of Iranian labor and capital.

In implementing this project and CONSIDERING the advanced technology of production of brake PAD and sensitive safety points that should be considered in the production of this product, the ETTEHAD Industrial GROUP, after expert and economic studies, was determined to cooperate with the SANGSIN BRAKE COMPONY South Korea is one of the owners of technology and know-how in producing brake PAD and manufactures its products under the license of the company, which is one of the most prominent poles in the automotive industry in South Korea and globally.

After intensive technical negotiations and consideration of economic issues, in March 2011, a technical license was signed between ettehad lent company and SANGSIN BRAKE, and the partnership began officially. In line with the implementation of the  ettehad Industrial Union, the industrial city of Mamuniyeh has been selected as the site of the factory, and in the 50,000-square-meter plot of land, three separate factories have been set up to produce brake pads, starter, dynamo and car batteries. Since July of the year 1391 construction operations began in these collections. The investment of this project was carried out in accordance with the privatization policies of the state by the private sector without receiving any state and government facilities worth more than 800 billion rials, and the machinery and processes were designed based on the forecast of one millionth brake shoes production per year. In the implementation phase, according to the project schedule, two simultaneous engineering processes were put in place. First, the design and fabrication of machinery and processes in cooperation with SANGSIN BRAKE South Korea, on the other hand, the construction of the industrial hollow, and the construction of the required infrastructure in accordance with the technical documentation and Project maps that are done with great speed and accuracy. Designing and manufacturing of machines and processes consists of three parts. First, the preparation of technical facilities including dust absorbing equipment and environmental requirements of the industry, as well as cooling tower for the cooling of molds, as well as air compressors and electric boilers Industrial engineering was carried out to meet the requirements of machinery, which was implemented by the engineering team of Pioneer Industrial ettehad lent Company based on the technical agreement of the parties.

The second part was the design and manufacture of production process machinery, which was completed and co-ordinated by the engineering team of the ettehad lent and SANGSIN BRAKE Co., and finally designed and equipped the process control system and the preparation and commissioning of laboratory equipment, Domestic experts are in the process of implementation. Now, the company is one of the leading companies in the industry as a member of the family of Iran's component manufacturing industry, relying on the knowledge, and efforts in order to promote the quantitative and qualitative development of the country's industry and gradually exploit The full capacity of its production and the job creation of more than 300 people and attention to one of the main goals It will start exporting to neighboring countries.

The company obtained the IATF certificate in 2018


Other companies related to ettehad industrial groups

The Engine ettehad company, the First Industry Association, Lola Car, Kimia Motors, the Plast Alborz ettehad, the pioneer industry engineer ettehad, and precision shafts can be named, and in the near future, modern battery  will also be integrated into the aggregate This industrial group .(Ettehad-Group)

The goals of the Pioneer Industrial ettehad lent Company

Establishing domestic self-sufficiency and Eliminating the need of foreign resources as one of the major goals of this group of companies to Promotion of the domestic industry and, and it  can be said with certainty that ettehad industrial group is one of the leading industries in the country.