• Oven 1200 degrees

    Usability in all high temperature tests

  • Measuring friction and wear coefficient

    It has an instantaneous friction coefficient and friction powder, friction measurement in line with the latest edition of National Standard for the manufacture of brake pads.

  • Measure the moisture and powder density

    Measurement of input materials and pre-production process

  • Rockwell hardness

    The ability to measure the hardness of the surface of the manufactured lining - using the Rockwell method.

  • Flat measure

    FLAT MEASURE required for inner and outer surfaces and accessories.

  • MACHINE Separator

    Usability in all input MATERIAL controls - Component control

  • Avon 300 degrees

    Usability in all high temperature tests - Temperature recording of thermal conditions.

  • Parallel measurements

    It has the ability to measure parallelism at various internal and external surfaces of the brake pad - all input components as one of the requirements of the country's car manufacturers

  • Shaker machine

    Usability in all INCOMING MATERIALS CONTROLS – USING Component control WHITH the control of the distribution of each component of the compositions


    Usability in a variety of tensile and compression tests tailored to the needs of customers in the inputs and end products.

  • Apparent Density

    It has the ability to measure the apparent density of the brake pad during production using a digital kit