• According to its makers

    Automobile manufacturing plant designed according to customers' demands top 

  • Use of technology

    Together with the latest technology in the world in the industry of brake pads from South Korea

  • Providing superior quality

    Boot produce superior quality compared to samples internal use

  • Full support

    Comprehensive support for the quality of products manufactured by the expert team

  • Safe Drive


    The technology used in the production brings quality assurance to you. Production with South Korea's automatic manufacturing equipment, as well as the use of friction materials in South Korea, will be a Guaranteeing this quality for our customers

  • Whatever you need

    Ability to design any type of product required by the domestic market, the ability of the company's expert team

  • Experience Quality with us

    Providing superior quality in comparison with domestic products is one of the advantages of its products Which is evident in the documentation approved by the automaker's customers.